Stuff I've Done Recently

  • HTML5 Instant Image Preview

    HTML5 Image Preview Script

    HTML5 brings some sweet new features which can be use to improve user experience on front-end. One of those is a File API. With this HTML5 API we can allow user to work with files, even before submission. HTML5 Instant image preview has been around for a while now and is kind of “old news”. ...

    January 1 2013 Front-end
  • css3_player

    Stunning CSS3 Media Player

    Yet again I ran into beautiful design that caught my eye on forrst and decided to re-create it in CSS/HTML/jQuery. This time I just helped the designer to create the base and he will hopefully carry on and finish it. This is the original design: And this is the beginning that I coded: 0savesSave If ...

    October 17 2012 Front-end

Every Day Life Pictures

Check out some pictures from every day of my life. Examples of what im working on, pictures from travels, streets of Beijing and Jenia's designer beginnings.

  • 12
  • maya
  • smoke1
  • rainy-day
  • index_v4
  • sponge
  • maya_2
  • hurt-thumb
  • magnifyingr
  • fire1
  • mandog

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Badge Fever

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