Startups – Do Not Jump Through Hoops

Since I have started my new project Badge Fever I have gathered huge amount of new experience and got very valuable insight into the start-up world.

Start-up world is the biggest buzz of this century. Everyone is talking about it and everyone is trying to be the next big thing. Including me, I won’t lie to you.

But this sudden interest in small start-ups has some negative effects as well.

Apparently start-ups are expected to jump over the hills for everything. 

Recently I have contacted owner of unnamed blog about start-ups, and offered him story about my project. My intentions were not to create buzz about my project, or to drive more visitors. If I would need that, I would write directly to Tech Crunch. My intention was to provide him with story he could publish on his blog and grow his content. Yes, it would give some visibility to my start-up, but nothing major we couldn’t live without.

To my surprise I have been received without any kind of manners, and any bit of interest. I have been told upfront that this person receives dozens of emails everyday from people asking him for “juice and traffic” posting and that I will have to work (fulfill tasks) in order to get his attention. The list of tasks has been prepared and items such as “make 100 comments on my blog” and “bring 50 new people to my blog” were on it. This made me quite furious.

In these days people know and realize that behind startup is (mostly) great amount of hard work. We have to write code, meet people, socialize, grow the brand etc etc. For most of the people without millions in funding this means a lot of struggling and many sleepless nights. Startup founders do not need more work they already do and certainly not doing someone else job.

My opinion is that if I would have a blog I would be hunting down all news, creating content to make sure that I keep my readers up to date with latest news. I do realize that blog owners receive many emails a day. The way to deal with this is not to squeeze juice from already busy people, who by the way show interest in your work, but to go through these emails and filter out the ones that are actually worth it.

I could talk in depth about what should and should not be bloggers responsibility, but there are already many resources out there. The bottom line is: “Start-up owners, do not jump through hoops for others who are trying to use you!”

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